Sheryl Jaeger Appraisal Services
Appraisals & Collection Services




We provide a number of consultation services to support you in managing your collection or valuable assets including:



  • Advise on potential auction purchases and will bid on behalf of clients
  • Establish an estimate of value, or Professional Opinion of Value (POV), on your items for your personal information - this is not an appraisal intended to be used for tax or financial purposes
  • Manage your collection by helping you sort out and understand what you really have in collection. We will help you set up an inventory including how to descriptions, images, estimated value, etc. 
  • We provide assistance in “right-sizing” your collection – this may mean adding or perhaps reducing the size of your collection. 
  • Review auction house proposals if you are considering selling items at auction.


Brokering and Selling

  • Act as agents to arrange private sales of estates, collections or single items.
  • Arrange for placement of Special Collections in the appropriate library or museum.
  • Assist heirs or executors of estates in making informed decisions regarding liquidation or distribution of property, including identifying the most appropriate venue and managing the process.